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We help moms stay at home, or earn enough to become
a “work from home” mom!


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What Lifestyle Will You Create?

Over 5.4 million women stay home with their young children and put their careers on hold. While we can all agree that being a mom matters, the stress of bills and emergencies wreaking havoc on finances is a lot for anyone to bear. If you are struggling to stay a stay-at-home mom or wishing you could finally become one, this opportunity is made for you!

Our mission is to help you gain the flexibility to work from home while building true financial independence. Full-time or part-time, the opportunity is customizable to compliment what you already do, or enable you to fire your 9 to 5 for good!

Learn how we help you make a quick $500-$1000, or, gain a quick $4,000 with our turnkey 90 day program.
Our PROVEN system is simple to learn and designed to add on-going, long term income to your household, without taking over your life.


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Our capacity for new partners is filling up quickly – please only register if you are serious about becoming a “stay at home” mom or improving your long-term financial picture.


Want to Make a REAL & LASTING
Difference in Your Financial Future?

Learn how you can add on-going, long term income to your household on your own terms!

Meet Michelle!

Michelle is a mom-preneur and has been self-employed for 25 years, enjoying the time-freedom it provides to spend time with her family. She is passionate about helping others to enhance their lives both personally & financially. Michelle built her business from the ground up. She understands what it takes to build, lead, mentor and train a team. Through the years she developed not only her own financial freedom, but life changing mentorship and financial freedom for many women & families.

Are you ready to for more time freedom and financial stability in your life? Register for our next webinar, or click below for a personal consultation to find out how we can help you & your family!


Stories from Moms Living the Life!

“This business changed my outlook on life and helped me to dream again. It is a great lever to use to propel yourself from one kind of life to another. Personally, it propelled me from stay-at-home mom struggling to pay the bills to bringing in an additional six figure income stream to our home. For others on my team, it has served as a lever to move into a different type of house to stay-at-home as a single mom to create a life after divorce. The part of this business that impresses me the most is, that regardless your background, if you have determination, a strong work ethic and a desire to achieve you can propel yourself from anywhere that you currently are to anywhere that you want to be!”

– Rachelle F.


“I am a mom, wife and a full-time daycare provider! I was sick of living paycheck to paycheck. I have been able to find a way to make an extra stream of income in the pockets of my busy life! I am loving the opportunity of paying off debt instead of always creating it. I am more excited now for my family’s future than ever before. When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my family, working out and being outdoors!”

- Amanda W.

“I'm a wife, full time mom of 4, and ER nurse. I have been a nurse for almost 10 years working full time nights. Never did I dream that I would be able to find something that allowed me to stay home with my kids, work from home, and continue to touch people's lives. That's why I became a nurse; I love helping people and this company has allowed me to touch people's life and make a difference in their life without working long 12-hour night shifts!”

– Nicole W.