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Healthy Living at Affordable Prices!

It’s our mission to provide healthy & effective consumer goods at affordable prices to every household! Every single product we manufacture is safer for you, your family & your pets. We ship direct to your door, saving our customers both money and time!


Save Both Money & Time

We’re an exclusive shopping club that saves both money & time, while keeping your family safe and your home toxin free! In addition, we offer savings on many everyday services like Identify Theft & Home Security, Healthcare, exclusive discounts at over 650 retailers and more!


Add Years to your life & life to your years!

We provide safe & effective products and supplements with astonishing results in solving everyday problems including Allergies, Asthma, Headaches, Weight Gain, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol and many more!


100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our science-backed, one-of-a-kind products, (using natural ingredients) have been improving the health and lives of our customers for over 30 years! We help people feel better, look better & live better!

What our customers think of us:

My husband was suffering with back pain started taking the Peak Performance Pack in the mornings. The first day, he called me at lunch and said that he could already tell a difference in his back, and to make sure he never ran out of these vitamin packs! 5months later he’s loving it and all the other health benefits he gets from them as well! I’m very thankful to have discovered this information -- He is less grumpy because he feels better!

Tami J.

Orlando, FL

I have been using only these non-toxic household products in my home since March 2014. The greatest testimonial I can give is that my asthma is gone! I did not realize prior to using this great store full of non-toxic household goods, that those nasty toxins in bleach, scrubbing bubbles, window cleaner, Lysol, etc. was toxic to me and my home! Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful, health (and money) saving store!

Linda V.

Elmont, NY


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