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Are you sick of hearing from people that give you a lot of hype and no results?

Hi I’m Michelle Daniels-Bellagamba, a top Six Figure income earner in the direct sales industry. I’ve been helping people enhance their lives both personally & financially for 20 years.

Is it really ‘residual income’ or just a treadmill?

Too many people and companies claim that you can build an income and have the flexibility to be a “stay at home mom”. Well I’m here to tell you the truth after “living the dream” with one of those companies!

It’s difficult to grow and maintain your income in many direct sales businesses without non-stop work and here’s why:

Most companies keep you on a treadmill of having to keep up with last month’s sales and recruiting to maintain your income. And every month you have natural attrition.

I knew something had to change.

In 2007, as a mom-preneur, I woke up to this reality and that my business had no real residual income. I knew I really wanted residual income not just another “job” that I created. I wanted a business I could work from home that would truly enable me to keep my priorities of God, family, then career in order!

I decided to find the right company.

I set out determined to find the right company. I looked at everything in an effort to see through the “hype” and find the right home based business that would provide REAL on-going, lifetime residual income for my family as well as provide the time freedom (minus the treadmill effect).

I’m excited to say that I accomplished that goal and get to continue my passion of helping others! And if you are ready to take the journey, I will share the company and my business building expertise with you!

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