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Meet Michelle – Founder

Meet Michelle Bellgamba – Connect for Success

Michelle’s passion has been helping people enhance their lives both personally & financially, as a top leader for 18 years. Michelle built and sustained her business from the ground up. She understands what it takes to build, lead, mentor and train a team.

Michelle was inspired to further the needs of today’s business owners and launch her own company CONNECT FOR SUCCESS LLC. This allows her to work completely in the role she is most passionate about – helping others realize their potential and ability to achieve success!

With Michelle’s first hand experience and expertise, as well as her many years of leadership, she set out to find and endorse only the very best in vehicles, as well as leaders and specialists, when embracing referral partners for CONNECT FOR SUCCESS.

Her focus was increasing overall health and wealth for everyone that joined her team.

CONNECT FOR SUCCESS with Michelle! She will personally will help you find what your looking for in both health & wealth!